How to Travel to Hawaii for Cheap

Hawaii packing

I never really thought I’d have the chance to go to Hawaii. I know it’s beautiful but my dad hates airplanes, family doesn’t travel much to begin with and it’s expensive so I never really had the urge or the means to go.

Enter Taylor, my boyfriend who chose Hawaii as his first pick of places to be stationed.

He told me a gallon of milk was about ten bucks a pop and I freaked out because if a stupid gallon of milk is that expensive how in the hell am I ever going to afford food, a plane ticket and a place to stay?

Some intense research and internet sleuthing taught me otherwise, however…

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Exploring St. Louis, MO

Being that I was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, you would think that I would have already taken the three hour drive down to visit St. Louis, Missouri at least once in my life…

Surprisingly, this is untrue.

Me and T wanted to take some type of road trip while he was home on leave and my friend had told me that the St. Louis Zoo has a penguin tour where you can meet and pet the penguins. T’s favorite animal is a penguin so we easily settled for St. Louis as our road trip.

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The Solution To Your Airline Ticket Troubles

My best friend at work bought tickets the other day for her and her boyfriend to fly round- trip to Denver, Colorado…for $50 dollars each. That blew my mind. Fifty dollars?! Round trip?! That’s insane considering my flight tickets are always at least $200 a pop. So, I asked her how she did it.

“Look at this!! This could be something that could be really useful for you,” she texted me later that night.

As I found out, “this” was an app called Hopper, an absolutely beautiful thing for MILSOS.

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My New Years Eve…In Pictures!

Christmas was great and everything but what I really wanted was for it to be December 28th, particularly at 7am when Taylor’s plane would land. Like a kid on Christmas, I couldn’t sleep the night before and I got up at 5 am to go pick up my boy.

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Reasons Why You Should Be In A Military Relationship


One of my biggest missions in creating this blog was to bash the notion that long distance relationships or military relationships are bad or too hard. They aren’t. Plain and simple. Matter of fact, I recommend trying one at least once in life to see what that is like (though if you are already married I do not recommended…).

And here is why:

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Airline Prices Got Your Wallet Feeling Skinny?


Air fare literally gives me anxiety. Every time I go to book a trip, I have to do some yoga breathing and cross my fingers and toes hoping that airline prices are in my budget range. For a long time I considered getting a credit card that rewarded with airline miles (still in consideration) but I have it good at the bank where I currently am so I am kind of eh about switching over.

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