How to Get Back On Your Feet After They Leave


You’ve just spent this amazing few weeks with your SO filled with lots of love, companionship, laughter, fun-filled plans and parties. Then no sooner do they get back that you find yourself back at the airport waving goodbye with tear-soaked eyes and a snot-filled tissue in your non-waving hand. Then there is the drive home from the airport that you don’t really remember too much because of all the thinking you have done during that time. Then before you know it, you are standing in the front door of your house and you have no clue what to do.

Sound familiar?

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Seven Ways to Help Alleviate the Fear of Being Cheated On

I hear all the stories. The ones where a sailor comes home and the house that once held his valuables, his life and his wife is now completely vacant. The girl who waited at home and kept the house and kids up and running for months at a time finds out her deployed husband cheated. I have even heard recently that women wait at ports to try and persuade military men into sleeping with them.


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Frustration and the Navy Girlfriend

Last week I was supposed to be at Disney World meeting Mickey Mouse for the first time in my life. Β However, Taylor’s graduation got pushed back so that plan flew right out the window. After that, we planned out this big road trip stopping at all the beautiful places we have always wanted to see before he gets deployed. I got time off from my job and I started making reservations for all the things we wanted to do. Taylor’s leave got pushed back a second time and the whole road trip went out the window….again.

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Threats of War and How to React

I heard that the United States had bombed Syria while sitting at my dining room table eating my breakfast. In the next room, the news was playing as background noise while my mom washed the dishes and our Keurig pissed out my morning cup.

I splashed some creamer in and walked into the dining room to plop into a chair. After taking a few seconds to wake up, I realized what was happening on the news.

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Book Review: Five Military Love Languages by Gary Chapman

When me and Taylor first started dating it was all rainbows and roses. Gifts were regularly sent to my house. Our letters to each other seemed like they were taken out of your favorite romance novel or movie. I woke up every morning to at least a three page text with words of how wonderful of a human being I am and how in love he is with me.

Then life started to set in and there went our “honeymoon” phase. No more random gifts and no gifts for even Valentine’s Day. The random cards in the mail started to dwindle. The long texts became just a few words.

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When Your SO Is Stationed Somewhere You Don’t Want

I was about to start teaching the first kickboxing class of the night when I got a text from Taylor saying, “Guess what?!”. I replied back with the usual, “What??!!” and waited for a response.

I walked up to the small black ledge in the corner of our studio where today’s workout is posted. I placed my phone on the ledge covered with old coffee stains and went to scan over the day’s work out when my phone buzzed.

I grabbed it and looked really quick, curious as to what Taylor was excited about…and then my heart dropped into my stomach.

Not the good kind of dropped either. Like the I’m going to puke kind. The “I really wish I had a time machine so I can go back and choose not to read that” kind.

I placed, or rather tossed my phone, back down on the old coffee stains and turned on to the mat and tried to be as happy and pleasant as I could for the members trying to take class. I didn’t think about what I read.

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