Wreaths Across America 2017

Bundled up in a miss matching scarf and coat, I hopped into my car with my boyfriend’s mom and we took a trip down to Abraham Lincoln Cemetery, a cemetery comprised of mostly veterans. I have never been to a veteran’s cemetery before but had seen pictures of Arlington and had a small idea of what it might be like.

My small idea was nothing of what it was like.

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If You Thought I Wasn’t Going To Do A Memorial Day Post, You Were Greatly Mistaken


                         (Our friends actually made a cardboard cutout of Taylor so I got to spend Memorial Day with him…Kinda. Haha)

…but I promise to keep to short and sweet. Nothing mushy. I just want to remind all of you that while you are chowing down on burgers and s’mores and everything that is wonderful in life to take a second to remember those who died for you and those who have passed that spent their lives serving for you.

Happy Memorial Day!