Hawaii Travels and Deployment Goodbyes

It would be an understatement to tell you that Hawaii was beautiful. And the time that I spent with Taylor and his family was just as beautiful if not more.

I went to Hawaii to visit T and to say my last goodbyes before he goes under the sea for a long period of time, the longest period of time that we will be apart thus far in our relationship.

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What September 11th Means To This Navy Girlfriend

Fifteen years ago, I was sitting in second grade probably learning about animals or math or something. My teacher was sitting at her desk scrolling through her computer when she suddenly got up and reached up above her to turn on our classroom tv and there popped up the news. I watched the horrors of what was happening for a little while but I didn’t really get it.

In my little world of mac n cheese, spongebob and riding my bike, I didn’t really understand what had happened or what it meant but it didn’t directly affect me. Everyone has a story of where they were at the time they heard about it and that was mine. To be honest, I don’t really remember much of it.

Then in third grade we had an assembly to honor the one year anniversary. They had speakers and slide shows and played “Proud To Be An American.” During that song, I cried. I had realized that my dad was a firefighter and that, even though New York is a far,far ways away, that could of been Chicago and it could have happened to him. I crawled over all these kids sitting in a row during our assembly and singing along with the song to ask my teacher if I could use the bathroom. She let me go and I didn’t come back to that assembly. Afterwards, I told her I got sick but felt much better now and didn’t need a nurse. I think maybe she knew.

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