How to Get Back On Your Feet After They Leave


You’ve just spent this amazing few weeks with your SO filled with lots of love, companionship, laughter, fun-filled plans and parties. Then no sooner do they get back that you find yourself back at the airport waving goodbye with tear-soaked eyes and a snot-filled tissue in your non-waving hand. Then there is the drive home from the airport that you don’t really remember too much because of all the thinking you have done during that time. Then before you know it, you are standing in the front door of your house and you have no clue what to do.

Sound familiar?

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Arguing The Healthy Way In An LDR

Every so often me and Taylor will go through periods of time where literally all we do is fight. Really I think every couple goes through these periods of time every now and then. If you didn’t argue here and there the relationship would not be healthy.

Over the years of many toxic relationships I have gained a little arsenal of ways to effectively communicate things to someone. However, becoming a Navy girlfriend forced me to use the tools I had gained more often. Expressing your feelings and putting in words exactly what you want from someone is rough stuff when you are thousands of miles away. Because of this, I had to learn more tools and ways to express myself that weren’t necessarily how I would’ve handled an argument in a regular old relationship.

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Meet A MILSO Monday: Randy

Written by Randy, a sailor himself, married to another sailor and is now the father of two sailors:

“I was a nuke ET and an instructor in BS (90-99), now father to a nuke EM in the sub fleet. You’re blog about the significance of a SO that is your best friend and a partner that compliments your skill set making you a great team is essential. More importantly I’ve found that truly the most important thing is ‘open and honest communication’ at all times, especially where stressful jobs and distance come into place.

I moved insanely fast (as many nukes do) when I met my wife. It was Feb. 93. Within a couple weeks we were exclusive, within a month or so, we found an apartment together, engaged a month after that and married in July 93. I left San Diego in Sept. of 93 on my first 6 month run, like no other, because I was never coming back, changing home ports to Newport News, VA at the end to decommission.

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One Year Down, A Lifetime To Go


Last Saturday I scrambled out of work as fast as I could back to my house. I wrestled up all my belongings and stuffed everything I could into a suitcase then hopped in my mom’s car and headed for the airport.

After tearfully saying goodbye to my mom (when I say tearfully I really mean ugly cry) I went through security, boarded my plane and impatiently waited to land. The plane eventually hit the runway and docked and I waited for what seemed like forever to get my baggage. I snatched my luggage up as quick as I could and hauled it outside to meet Taylor.

It was dark and I had to squint to see his black car pull up. I forgot how sticky the weather in Charleston is so I was even more impatient for him to arrive. But finally his car rolled up and all I remember was being picked up and hugged so tight. And so began my week long adventure with Taylor.

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If You Thought I Wasn’t Going To Do A Memorial Day Post, You Were Greatly Mistaken


                         (Our friends actually made a cardboard cutout of Taylor so I got to spend Memorial Day with him…Kinda. Haha)

…but I promise to keep to short and sweet. Nothing mushy. I just want to remind all of you that while you are chowing down on burgers and s’mores and everything that is wonderful in life to take a second to remember those who died for you and those who have passed that spent their lives serving for you.

Happy Memorial Day!




In This Relationship, We…

Picture from

In this relationship, we do goodbyes.

But we also do hellos and happy to have you homes.

In this relationship, we take lots of vacations and we love road trips.

We know the airport well.

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There Is No Place Like Home…Because Home Is Not A Place

home picture

I grew up in this house. It has been what I considered to be “home” for a good 17 years of my life. Ask me a couple months ago, “where is home?” I would rattle off my address without thinking twice.

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