Guest Post: How to Spend Quality Time, Even From Miles Away

Whether you share the same address or are separated by distance, quality time is essential for any relationship. Those who experience the joys and challenges of a long-distance relationship know all too well the difficulty of spending time with one another from miles away.

The key to spending time together in a long-distance relationship is to shift how you interact. Learning how to spend quality time, even from miles away, is an important aspect of closing the gap of distance to feel connected.

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Arguing The Healthy Way In An LDR

Every so often me and Taylor will go through periods of time where literally all we do is fight. Really I think every couple goes through these periods of time every now and then. If you didn’t argue here and there the relationship would not be healthy.

Over the years of many toxic relationships I have gained a little arsenal of ways to effectively communicate things to someone. However, becoming a Navy girlfriend forced me to use the tools I had gained more often. Expressing your feelings and putting in words exactly what you want from someone is rough stuff when you are thousands of miles away. Because of this, I had to learn more tools and ways to express myself that weren’t necessarily how I would’ve handled an argument in a regular old relationship.

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Meet A MILSO Monday: Randy

Written by Randy, a sailor himself, married to another sailor and is now the father of two sailors:

“I was a nuke ET and an instructor in BS (90-99), now father to a nuke EM in the sub fleet. You’re blog about the significance of a SO that is your best friend and a partner that compliments your skill set making you a great team is essential. More importantly I’ve found that truly the most important thing is ‘open and honest communication’ at all times, especially where stressful jobs and distance come into place.

I moved insanely fast (as many nukes do) when I met my wife. It was Feb. 93. Within a couple weeks we were exclusive, within a month or so, we found an apartment together, engaged a month after that and married in July 93. I left San Diego in Sept. of 93 on my first 6 month run, like no other, because I was never coming back, changing home ports to Newport News, VA at the end to decommission.

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Meet A MILSO Monday: Raquelle and Garet

raquelle 2

Written by Raquelle:

“So, Garet and I met our first year of college together in English. As soon as he walked in I knew that it would be a hard class to focus in and I was SO right! One day in class he told me to come sit next to him and the rest is history. I knew that he wanted to join the military but I didn’t want to  accept it because I’ve had horrible experiences with family members in the military.

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Don’t Use The Military As An Excuse For Your SO To Treat You Like Shit


Seriously. For the love of all that is good and true…Just don’t. I’ve made so many friends and met so many women who trust me enough to tell me about their relationship problems and ask for my advice (which is an absolute blessing by the way). And when some of them tell me about all the ridiculous stuff their SO’s put them through they always use something about the military to justify these actions.

“Oh, but he’s probably really busy. That’s why he hasn’t texted back in three days.”

“Well, the military trains them to be heartless and not show emotion.”

“I caught him cheating once but I know he was really stressed out that week from all his tests and he got really drunk to let off some steam so it’s fine, right?”

What the hell? No! Absolutely, positively not. No.

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How To Find Support From Your SO Thousands Of Miles Away

I’m not exactly sure when I started to feel like everything in my life was falling apart.  No matter where things began or how they got like this doesn’t really matter, however.

I have always believed that you can’t control what happens in life but you can control how you react to it and especially who you lean on. During these past few months, I have really learned to lean on and create a wide support system. One of my main supports, obviously, being Taylor.

Now this is a little tricky though because most of the love someone feels is from another physically being there. A different place to run to. Someone to go out to dinner or just hangout with to escape whatever problem you are facing. Taylor being 900 miles away makes that somewhat difficult… but there are ways I have found.

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Anxiety Over Deployment? 5,4,3,2,1 and Done.

When I went to visit Taylor back in January we went to Patriot’s Point where they have two ships you can tour and a submarine. Being that Taylor signed up for submarine duty we obviously went to check out the old sub. As we were walking through I kept hitting my head and ramming into things because it was so small. Taylor on the other hand seemed right at home and walked around touching everything (he touched this button and an alarm went off. The expression on his face almost made me pee my pants). And I remember he said something about if the sub gets hit or there’s a malfunction while they are way down under there is no coming out alive. I rolled my eyes and sarcastically replied, “Oh great. That makes me feel SO much better. That’s exactly what I want to think about while you’re deployed.”

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