To Tell or Not to Tell Your SO the Hard Stuff

I struggle with this question every so often. Do I tell Taylor about something or will it be an unnecessary frustration to him? I know the Navy is no walk in the park and it consumes a majority of him. Being so far away there isn’t much he can do about things back home anyway. I never want to cause him unnecessary distress.
Normally, I don’t really tell Taylor when I get cat called or some random guy hits me up on Facebook. I simply tell them to kindly screw off and they leave. Rarely do these things happen anyway considering my whole Facebook is filled with Taylor and no cat call ever really leads to anything. These things are unnecessary hassles.

However, trust is a key foundation to any relationship so sometimes it’s necessary. Sometimes bigger things than a random Facebook message or cat call happen. A couple nights ago I got some really unwanted, unwarranted attention from an acquaintance that I was friends with on Facebook due to my job.

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When Your SO Is Stationed Somewhere You Don’t Want

I was about to start teaching the first kickboxing class of the night when I got a text from Taylor saying, “Guess what?!”. I replied back with the usual, “What??!!” and waited for a response.

I walked up to the small black ledge in the corner of our studio where today’s workout is posted. I placed my phone on the ledge covered with old coffee stains and went to scan over the day’s work out when my phone buzzed.

I grabbed it and looked really quick, curious as to what Taylor was excited about…and then my heart dropped into my stomach.

Not the good kind of dropped either. Like the I’m going to puke kind. The “I really wish I had a time machine so I can go back and choose not to read that” kind.

I placed, or rather tossed my phone, back down on the old coffee stains and turned on to the mat and tried to be as happy and pleasant as I could for the members trying to take class. I didn’t think about what I read.

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How To Find Support From Your SO Thousands Of Miles Away

I’m not exactly sure when I started to feel like everything in my life was falling apart.  No matter where things began or how they got like this doesn’t really matter, however.

I have always believed that you can’t control what happens in life but you can control how you react to it and especially who you lean on. During these past few months, I have really learned to lean on and create a wide support system. One of my main supports, obviously, being Taylor.

Now this is a little tricky though because most of the love someone feels is from another physically being there. A different place to run to. Someone to go out to dinner or just hangout with to escape whatever problem you are facing. Taylor being 900 miles away makes that somewhat difficult… but there are ways I have found.

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Anxiety Over Deployment? 5,4,3,2,1 and Done.

When I went to visit Taylor back in January we went to Patriot’s Point where they have two ships you can tour and a submarine. Being that Taylor signed up for submarine duty we obviously went to check out the old sub. As we were walking through I kept hitting my head and ramming into things because it was so small. Taylor on the other hand seemed right at home and walked around touching everything (he touched this button and an alarm went off. The expression on his face almost made me pee my pants). And I remember he said something about if the sub gets hit or there’s a malfunction while they are way down under there is no coming out alive. I rolled my eyes and sarcastically replied, “Oh great. That makes me feel SO much better. That’s exactly what I want to think about while you’re deployed.”

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What To Do When The Distance Is Too Much

only a strong

A few days ago, I had a lovely follower of mine drop me an email asking what I do to overcome the distance. While reading her email I realized oh shit… Of the almost ten months I’ve been writing this blog never once have I made a post about one of the most important topics of a long distance relationship…the distance itself.

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