What’s in my Care Package: Quick and Easy Birthday Edition


Shopping for Taylor’s birthday present was a piece of cake this year (all puns intended!). We went to St. Louis last time he came home on leave and paid a visit to the Anheuser-Busch brewery because Budweiser is his favorite beer. Taylor dropped a good chunk of change at the souvenir store but wasn’t able to get this Christmas sweater that was $70. His birthday present was as good as sold at that point. I ordered the sweater off their website (click here and then go to gift shop!).

After this was a quick stop at Walmart to purchase some birthday treats such as birthday cake Oreos and confetti cake that you can make in a mug. Since T is still living in barracks, I bought quick snacks that aren’t perishable and that are easy to eat and bring anywhere. Walmart also had a cute Star Wars lanyard for only $2.99 and seeing as that is his favorite movie I had to scoop that up along with a birthday card.

Then came the fun part…decorating the box! I wrapped the sweater and lanyard in wrapping paper so that he would have something to physically open. After that, I scraped up some tissue paper to decorate the sides and fill in the center and bought some birthday stickers at Michael’s for $0.99.




(excuse my disaster of a room in the video)

Tissue paper to fill in the center turned out to be a great idea as it gave the package more of a present feel and also helped to keep the contents in place and safe from damage. Everything else I bought to make this package did not break my bank (except for the $70 Budweiser sweater) and took me under 45 minutes to make and put together from start to finish!


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