My Top Favorite Skin Moisturizing Products

I have always thought that it is most important to take care of your natural beauty first and then you will always look lovely no matter the situation. That comes from eating well, exercising, drinking water and of course, moisturizing. I have four staple products for my skin that will forever have a home on my dresser…

Coconut Oil:

Oh, yes. I bought into the hype and I was pleasantly surprised. I used to get mad razor bumps on my legs after shaving. Then the next time I went to shave, the old bumps would bleed so much that it looked like I committed a murder in the tub afterwards. I tried shaving cream, different types of razors and even the fancy electric razors that don’t require water or shaving cream. Didn’t work.

Coconut oil is a lifesaver! Shave and then put coconut oil on your legs after you shave. You get silky soft legs and the razor bumps will slowly disappear over time. I haven’t had razor bumps in a good year.

Also, coconut oil is good for moisturizing skin in general. I will sometimes use it on my face as well as my hair.

I use the cooking oil that you get from the baking isle. It has cleaner ingredients than the ones in the beauty isle and the jar lasts forever. A 14 oz jar from Walmart was about $4.

Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion:

I grew up around a woman who went to the pool everyday during summer or would lay out in her backyard and if it was winter she would use a tanning bed. And it seemed that every year that had passed her skin grew more and more leathery and eventually the wrinkles started indenting into her face and neck.

She looked like a worn in, brown, leather arm chair and it grossed me out. So, I made the choice to use a daily moisturizer with sunscreen as to prevent from becoming an arm chair myself. I am very pale and also very forgetful with putting on sunscreen before going out on a hot summer day. Having a lotion with SPF built in puts my mind at ease that at least if I forget to put on sunscreen before going out I will at least have something on to protect me from burning.

Lubriderm is very creamy and doesn’t sit on top of my skin with all the oils. I can slather it on in the morning after my shower and be moisturized and prepared for whatever I want to do that day. At Target, a bottle costs $5.99.

skin care

Aveeno Active Naturals Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer:

I never used a moisturizer on my face for a long time because I have oily skin, however on my nose, I have dry, black-head ridden skin. Being that my face was half and half, nothing ever really worked.

My mom actually picked up a bottle of this lotion for herself first and then one day I ran out of the moisturizer I was currently using and opted to try a bit of hers. I fell in love with it.

Of course, this moisturizer has an SPF of 15 in it. Even with sunscreen, the lotion isn’t very oily and makes my face appear brighter. It is a part of Aveeno’s Active Naturals line so the ingredients that make up the lotion are fairly clean. And my absolute favorite part is the smell. It has a very light, flowery fresh scent to it that I adore. A bottle at Target is $12.29.

skin care 3.jpg

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm:

My favorite chapstick will always be Burt’s Bees. Always. I prefer the thicker ones that are made with beeswax because they hydrate my lips more and stay on for longer. The ingredients are clean which is important because I wouldn’t want chemical-ridden products anywhere near my mouth much less anywhere else.

They also have an SPF lip balm in case you were wondering! One stick usually ranges around $3.99.

*I was not paid or asked to review any of these products. I bought the products of my own free will. I have no personal connections to anyone associated with the companies being reviewed. I wrote this for the interest of my readers and gave my honest opinion on the products.



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