Threats of War and How to React

I heard that the United States had bombed Syria while sitting at my dining room table eating my breakfast. In the next room, the news was playing as background noise while my mom washed the dishes and our Keurig pissed out my morning cup.

I splashed some creamer in and walked into the dining room to plop into a chair. After taking a few seconds to wake up, I realized what was happening on the news.

“Oh…We bombed Syria?”

I turned around to look at my mom and she nodded. I turned back and watched the television for a second more.

When I scrolled through Facebook that night, there was widespread panic all over my military girlfriend pages. Girls asking if the Navy would pull their sailors out of bootcamp to go fight. Girls scared that this was literally the end, that they had been crying all morning since they had found out.

Others had the attitude that this is just how life goes. That this is exactly what they had signed up for and that while it sucked this was just life.

My feelings were somewhere in between the two.

Putting all of my political opinions aside, I think as a significant other of the military it doesn’t matter what happened. It happened. This IS what Taylor signed up to do and what I agreed to when I got into a relationship with him. Do I want to potentially have another war on top of the one we already have? No. Do I want Taylor to be sent there? Of course not. Do I think it’s right or wrong? That doesn’t matter for now.

What does matter is how I react and what I do because of it. Taylor said, “I’m so glad you aren’t like those girls that freak out like that,” and I think that says a lot. Nothing has even happened yet and if I started freaking out because of it that would only put more stress on me, Taylor and our relationship. Stress that isn’t even needed.

I think we tend to forget about the horrors of the war that is already going on because it isn’t headline news anymore. It still exists and there is still reason to be scared even if we hadn’t bombed anyone. I’m not sure this new development really made deployment any more terrifying to me than it already was.

In that regard, the girls who panicked had very valid feelings. But I will not get myself worked up until there is a legitimate reason to, until your SO gets the orders to go. Β It’s like the old saying, “we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it” kind of thing. Be present and in the here and now.

During a deployment, there is always a reason to worry and something to be scared of. But you have to continue to live and be as strong as one can in this situation for not only yourself but your SO as well.

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