The Solution To Your Airline Ticket Troubles

My best friend at work bought tickets the other day for her and her boyfriend to fly round- trip to Denver, Colorado…for $50 dollars each. That blew my mind. Fifty dollars?! Round trip?! That’s insane considering my flight tickets are always at least $200 a pop. So, I asked her how she did it.

“Look at this!! This could be something that could be really useful for you,” she texted me later that night.

As I found out, “this” was an app called Hopper, an absolutely beautiful thing for MILSOS.

First you create an account and then type in your starting location and where you’d like to go.


After that this screen will pop up…


Select round trip or one way and all these monthly calendars will pop up that have the date color coded with the various prices. Choose the dates you’d like to go and then you may purchase those tickets or…


Have Hopper watch that specific destination and dates. Every time something happens to those specific flight prices, whether they rise or fall, Hopper will send a notification to your phone alerting you.

But here’s the best part. This app will also give you a prediction as to what they think will happen to the price over time and when they suggest buying the tickets.


I ALWAYS struggle with that. Do I buy them now? Do I buy them later? Will the price be double by the time I’m ready to buy or a hell of a lot less? Hopper will tell you what they predict.

Now I’m not saying that this is 100% accurate because honestly I don’t even think even Jesus or Ghandi even know what will happen to airline ticket prices but holy cow is it a big help. I definitely have a few flights to Charleston that I’m watching up on.

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