I Got Torn Apart for Being a Military Girlfriend

Being an influencer is important to me. I influence people’s lives in my day job as well as when I come home and spend time answering my readers comments and emails on this website. In a humbling way I hope and pray that maybe my writing will somehow affect someone’s life or change how they think about themselves or their situation. Today, I saw an opportunity to do just that…

Yesterday, I decided I wanted to boost my “Reasons To Be In  A Military Relationship” post on Facebook just to experiment and see how it worked. It was doing well and I got a good amount of likes. And then I got a comment…

“Been there…Done that…”

I thought maybe she was looking for help. Maybe she just went through a bad break up and needed to vent. Maybe she was looking for a friend. So I replied and here is how it went…


I started getting these notifications on my Facebook and I stared at them for a long time while laying in the dark in my bed. Calling me stupid and trashing my beliefs really didn’t bother me to be honest. What bothered me the most was that someone went out of their way to be hateful.

So, here is my advice which can be applied to any situation even if it is not about relationships…be gentle and loving but be strong and have a professional attitude. Letting her walk all over me and trash what I love was not the answer but calling her names and being rude was not going to help anything either.

I wanted to be an example for any girl that receives hatred for anything: beliefs, trying to better her life, being in a relationship of any kind, being transgender or gay or not following the norms of society.

Take the hatred that you receive and treat it with love. Treat it with wisdom and respect. Hold yourself to a higher standard and keep doing what you love to do. Do not ever stop filling the cracks in humanity with your passion.

That will be how you change the world.





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