When You Spend Your Holidays Without Your Sailor…

Holidays are known for couple activities; Ice skating dates, drinking hot chocolate by the fire, going to the city to see the Christmas lights and have dinner and the list goes on. But it’s kind of a strange position to be in during the holidays when you’re a military SO.

On the one hand, I have a significant other that I would be more than happy to do holiday activities with…but on the other hand, he is 900 miles away and can’t come home to do those activities. And then on holidays, we are both busy doing whatever we have planned that we text maybe a handful of times and it’s really rushed and about nothing in particular. Instead of the holidays bringing us together it almost feels like it tears us apart at times.


The closest I get to him is when I drive home from work. I always find myself day dreaming about what having a normal holiday season would be like with him home. What holidays would be like if we had kids, a home and a dog. What cute, corny pictures I’d want to get. What dates I’d drag him on.

I’m sure I am not alone in those thoughts. I would assume that is something that every military couple and family goes through. But I think one of the most beautiful (though sometimes upsetting) things about being in this relationship is that I get to learn to be on my own. When I was in high school or college, going through the holiday season when I was single was a tragedy. I felt lonely and lame and it was hard sometimes to have fun.

This, in a way, is like being single…obviously, without actually being single. I learned to enjoy holidays even when I don’t have someone to go do cute holiday activities with. I’ve learned that my family works wonders at doing cute holiday activities (even if we don’t hold hands). I get to spend extra time with my family on the holidays and that to me is a wonderful thing. I get the chance to learn how to make myself happy while also making this Β relationship work too. That’s a beautiful thing.

So, while I will always have an uneasy feeling like something is missing from my holiday season, I also realize that I have a chance to make the holidays absolutely lovely still. I think that is, by far, one of the greatest lessons I have learned from being a navy girlfriend ;Happiness is up to the individual, not to the situation.

So, have a happy holiday season. No matter if your SO is near, far, underwater, a thousand miles away, hundreds of feet in the air. Enjoy your holiday and be thankful. Choose happiness.


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