Airline Prices Got Your Wallet Feeling Skinny?


Air fare literally gives me anxiety. Every time I go to book a trip, I have to do some yoga breathing and cross my fingers and toes hoping that airline prices are in my budget range. For a long time I considered getting a credit card that rewarded with airline miles (still in consideration) but I have it good at the bank where I currently am so I am kind of eh about switching over.

But a few weeks ago, I was waiting at the gate for my flight and I decided to use my old pal google and do a little hunting. All of my flights have been through Delta so I looked there first and wouldn’t you know it, they have a sky miles program with no credit card required.

Now, don’t get too excited. You most likely aren’t going to be saving tons of money and it’ll take a few trips to even get a 50 dollar reward but 50 dollars is still…well, 5o dollars. And over time that 50 will become 100 dollars saved and then 200. Adds up.

Earning Miles Step By Step

I downloaded the app first which is actually a really handy thing. It gives you updates on your flight, on your baggage, reminders about parking and you can track the mile points you’ve racked up by entering in the flights you’ve been on. Kind of nice.

All of these are featured on the sidebar of the app!

I also logged into the Delta website with my account as well. There you can see all of your mies and activity. You can also work your way up to being a medallion member where they can waive checked bag fees and you board first (will take about 20 trips for me but hey!) along with other benefits.

So, if you are the family member or significant other of the military who travels frequently I would highly suggest this. Won’t shave off hundreds of dollars or anything but when you are young and have someone you love in the military every penny counts.

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