Your Boyfriend Lives An Hour Away? What A Tragedy.

hour away

I was scrolling through Facebook yesterday and saw this girl posting a million times about her boyfriend leaving for college…an hour away. She was crying and hugging him and “couldn’t let go.” He was leaving to go to a regular old school only an hour away from where she lived. Sixty whole minutes away.

So, to ease my frustration with this I posted this on Twitter…

“Oh man. Your boyfriend lives an hour away? What a tragedy… *rolls eyes*”

Mind you, me and this girl do not follow each other on Twitter. I was just venting.

Another girl I went to high school with tweeted back to me that everyone is allowed to miss someone no matter how near or far…

Which actually made me think. She’s right. Everyone is allowed to miss someone. Living in the same town IS different than living an hour away. Very true.

But here’s where I get upset. While, yes, it is different and while, yes, you are allowed to miss them…shouldn’t you also be grateful?

I’m sitting here and my boyfriend lives FOURTEEN hours away, goes to school for TWELVE hours a day and I can barely afford to see him three times a year. And I am not even the worst. There are girls who have significant others fighting in combat zones all across the world and can’t see or talk to their sailors/soldiers for months at a time.

Shouldn’t you be grateful that all it takes is half a tank of gas to go see your boyfriend? Not even that if you both meet half way for lunch or something. So why are you sobbing all over social media about it? One post, okay. But is four posts really necessary? Be sad about it. Express your emotion. That’s okay and that’s healthy. But do you really need to glorify it? Do you really need to draw that much attention to it? No.

hour away 2

Distance is hard, I get it. People deal with it in different ways and I am empathetic towards that as well. I am in no way bashing anyone who posts on social media about distance or missing their significant others because heaven knows I do it all the time. But this one girl’s posts about her boyfriend being an hour away seriously irked me.

So here is the lesson to be taken from all of this: BE GRATEFUL. No matter what situation you are in. No  matter how far your significant other is from you and no matter for how long. They are alive and hopefully doing what they love so I feel that you should be happy for that fact alone.

I am still grateful I get to see Taylor as often as I do. I realize that I am a lucky girl. And you should realize that you are lucky too.


2 thoughts on “Your Boyfriend Lives An Hour Away? What A Tragedy.

    1. Exactly how I feel too. Like yeah, of course you are allowed to miss whoever you’d like even if they only live a block away! But do we really need four posts on Facebook saying how tragic it is that he’s moving an hour away? Haha. I don’t think so. I have to roll my eyes sometimes too.


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