What Pokemon Go Has To Do With My Military Relationship

I think I played Pokemon Yahtzee a couple times when I was a little one but that’s as extensive as my relationship with Pokemon got…So when the Pokemon Go app came out I honestly wasn’t really interested. Didn’t want to suck up my data or have another app take up hella space on my phone’s storage so I stayed away.

Tay lor was already obsessed with it and whenever I’d ask, “What are you doing?” his reply would be, “Pokemon hunting!”… I thought it was silly. (Really sweet side story though: Taylor went to downtown Charleston, caught my favorite Pokemon and named it after me…which I thought was weirdly cute in a way?)

Then one day me and my friends went out to a bar and afterwards they went to a nearby park to get some rare Pokemon that was apparently hanging out over there. So, I went along for the trip and before I knew it I was peering over my friend’s shoulders cheering them on as they tried to catch all these different Pokemon.

And I was hooked.

I downloaded it the next day and started my Pokemon hunting quest. Now, you are probably still scratching your head and asking yourself, “Okay? So what does that have to do with a military relationship?”

The answer to that is simple. It kept me distracted. I ALWAYS tell girls in military relationships to keep yourself busy. When the distance gets to you, when the miles bother you go do something, anything, to distract yourself. And I found that catching Pokemon is a great distraction.

I read this article on The Huffington Post how Pokemon Go was helping people with their anxiety and depression. And it makes sense. You have to get up and walk around outside in the sunshine to collect these cute little critters. How does that not brighten your day?

So next time you find yourself wallowing over the distance and all the miles, whip out your phone and go catch ’em all.


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