One Year Down, A Lifetime To Go


Last Saturday I scrambled out of work as fast as I could back to my house. I wrestled up all my belongings and stuffed everything I could into a suitcase then hopped in my mom’s car and headed for the airport.

After tearfully saying goodbye to my mom (when I say tearfully I really mean ugly cry) I went through security, boarded my plane and impatiently waited to land. The plane eventually hit the runway and docked and I waited for what seemed like forever to get my baggage. I snatched my luggage up as quick as I could and hauled it outside to meet Taylor.

It was dark and I had to squint to see his black car pull up. I forgot how sticky the weather in Charleston is so I was even more impatient for him to arrive. But finally his car rolled up and all I remember was being picked up and hugged so tight. And so began my week long adventure with Taylor.

July fourth was our one year anniversary and I was not missing that for anything. It was a long week and a lot of stuff happened so I’ll spare all the dirty details and go into a few of the highlights of what happened.

1.We saw “Finding Dory”

I promise. No spoilers. I was SO excited to go but honestly it was not as good as I had expected. Don’t get me wrong it was still an AMAZING movie…just not quite as good as the original “Finding Nemo.” I would still, no doubt, recommend seeing it.

2. I got the ugliest sunburn

I decided to go to the pool one day while Taylor was at school and we went on our one year too. Since I am fair-skinned I packed some sunscreen but low and behold my sunscreen was almost empty so I feebly attempted to apply it anyway. I got home and my whole back was burnt minus a bunch of white dots where the sunscreen sputtered out its last few breaths. So, I’m sure that’ll make for some great tan lines (or should I say dots?).


3. Grocery shopping with your significant other is actually really fun

Me and Taylor went to Walmart one night after dinner and I don’t know if I drank too many Not Your Father’s Root Beers or what but I could not stop laughing. He bought this really flowery, obnoxiously feminine rug that says “Bless This Home” for his new house as a joke and I thought that was worth a good ten minute laugh. Taylor pulled the cart through Walmart while I rode on the back and read him passages from an overly sexual , cheesy romance novel…hilarious. I could not even tell you what else we laughed about. I just remember my stomach and cheeks hurting by the time we were done.

We did a lot of other mundane things like go to the gym, to the bank, do dishes, etc. Somehow they weren’t so mundane with Taylor though. Here’s a video of us bickering and being awkward together while holding a plank at the gym…

<p><a href=”″>Plank video</a> from <a href=”″>Breanne Somach</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

4. I saw dolphins!

I was bored one day while Taylor was at school so I took a boat ride around the harbor and saw some dolphins swimming through the water!

I tried to get a picture of the dolphins but failed so this will have to do!

5. The fourth of July

Obviously this was a big day. We went swimming and out to eat and then just hung around until night time. We had plans later to go over to his friend’s house to eat, drink and blow stuff up but before that Taylor had a little surprise which went something like this:

T: Okay, close your eyes…

*I closed my eyes while he went scrambling around his closet. He finally came back and sat down on the bed where I was sitting*

T: Now, I’m not proposing so don’t freak out but…


*I opened my eyes and freaked out anyway…We’re talking tears, more ugly crying, the whole nine yards*

T: I just wanted to make a promise to you that one day this will be a wedding ring.

He said more stuff but I was so in shock that I don’t even remember all of it but there were some “I love yous” in there, some more talk about getting married one day and other stuff like that.

Absolutely beautiful. Then we went over to his friend’s house. There was beer pong, lots of good food, I met some other Navy girlfriends and wives, met most of his friends and then we all went out into the street and blew stuff up. Imagine a bunch of drunken sailors out in the street of a subdivision, lighting off fireworks and screaming “Fuck Isis and fuck communism”…that was the end to our anniversary and it was absolutely perfect.

6. If you have never been to the beach at night you are missing out

Me and Taylor love going to the beach at night. We snuck in the first time I came to visit him and we did it again this round. We brought some towels, picked a good spot on the beach, looked up at the stars and talked. I even saw a shooting star! You can always see a lot of lightening and it’s always a good reminder of how small you really are.

I’m really awful at taking pictures in the dark

I could probably write paragraphs about everything that happened during the week but I will leave it to those few highlights. More will be covered in future blog posts so stay tuned! I just feel really blessed that we were able to spend our anniversary together and that it was amazing.


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