And So The Countdown Begins…

Five days… that is all that separates me from Taylor at this point. I haven’t done many posts lately because I have been ridiculously busy. I had the stomach flu, it was my dad’s birthday and Father’s Day, I put in my last two weeks at one of my jobs, I’ve been scrambling around trying to buy plane tickets and a gift for our one year anniversary, my car needed an emissions test, I needed to get blood work done, you get the point…busy, busy.

But now I just get to focus on one thing and that is hopping on a plane after work on Saturday to spend a whole week in Charleston. I’m extra excited about this trip because A) I’m staying in Charleston for a whole week and B) July 4th is our one year (I know, I know. How patriotic of us, right?). We have lots of trips to the beach planned and I demanded that we eat s’mores at some point. I found a Groupon for a dolphin watching boat ride and then that same night we want to go see “Finding Dory” together. We made reservations for the Biergarten which I am absolutely pumped for. Taylor also moved out of the barracks and into his own house so I am stoked to check that out and finally meet his friends.

Being a journalist, I am usually pretty good with putting words together, however, there are no words to describe how happy I am. T-minus five days…


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