The App You HAVE To Have If You Are In A Military Relationship


I was surfing the web for different products for LDR’s to try when I came across an app called Couple. So, I suckered Taylor into downloading it just to see what it was about. When we first downloaded it, I didn’t like it. The first message I sent to Taylor through the app was “This is stupid.” And at first I thought it was.

Then me and Taylor started to fool around with it and saw that actually it had some perks! Couple is mostly a messaging app that has other little features. There’s a calendar to remember important dates such as anniversaries, birthdays, etc. You can create lists and also save “moments.”

Most of the app, however, works like messenger. Taylor noticed that he got the messages on the app very easily in places he doesn’t normally get service for texting! During the times of the day when we normally were’t able to text we finally got to through the app! Pretty cool.

If that did not sell you on the app yet…you can also draw each other pictures! Kind of corny, I know. But it’s nice to receive something from your partner other than just texts. You have to sit there and take a few minutes to draw up a picture which can be a little more thoughtful and brightens up your day a bit.

Picture I sent Taylor

But I saved the absolute best for last…there is a way to send each other videos and voice recordings and have them saved to your “moments” folder. Now think about this for a sec. When your SO deploys you can have a little arsenal of videos of them and their voice to replay for yourself and your SO can have the same. So, in my situation, Taylor will be thousands of miles under the sea and there will obviously be no phone calls or skyping. How convenient will it be for me to pull up my Couple app and listen to the voice recordings, watch the videos or look at the drawings he sent me whenever I miss him. Won’t be anything like a Skype date or talking to him on the phone but it’s a lot better than nothing.

Taylor’s first video to me. Thinks he’s funny. 🙂

Some details about the app:

-It’s free! I downloaded it through Android’s Play Store.

-You can only “Couple” with one person at a time. It’ll have you pair with another person through email and that’s it.


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