“What the Hell is OPSEC?”

Picture from Pixabay.com

Start looking up things about the military and I’m sure within the first five minutes you’ll come across someone talking about OPSEC. For the longest time, I had no idea what this meant but I had somewhat of a clue. Don’t say anything about locations. That’s all I knew. Fast forward a weeks and I got really tired of continually hearing about it and not knowing. So, I used my old friend Google.

OPSEC stands for operation security and it follows the basic guideline of “loose lips sink ships”…literally in the Navy’s case. As you might guess, these guidelines apply to those in the military. Don’t talk about your work. Don’t talk about location. Don’t talk about classified information. Don’t talk. Because if you talk and that information gets in the wrong hands then the Navy…and you… are in trouble. Obviously, we all care about our loved ones so that is the last thing we want to happen.

That is why OPSEC also applies to you whether you are a military spouse, significant other, family member, etc. The day your sailor/soldier/airman signed up to be one is the day you kind of signed up to be a sailor/soldier/airman too. OPSEC means keeping their information private even though they aren’t allowed to tell us much anyway. No posting where your sailor is on Facebook or what boat they are on. Keep their work life private. Try your best to keep even your location as private as you can. It’s all apart of keeping them, others and you safe.

So, before you post or say anything, always remember your SO and the importance of their safety. When in doubt, shut your mouth.

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