How to Dress for a Military Graduation

A couple weeks back I made a post asking the big question of what the hell do I wear to a military graduation. How fancy were these things? Was my prom dress appropriate? A summer dress? Just a nice shirt and some capris? All these questions ran through my mind and now that I actually went to his graduation, I can give some solid advice. 

When I got to his graduation I settled down in my seat and took a look around. I’m not kidding when I say there were all sorts of attire. One girl looked like she just got back from the club (really tight, short dress, stilettos). Another Navy mom just came in a plain t-shirt and jeans. Some wore dress pants and a shirt while others wore summer dresses. One sailor’s wife a few rows in front of us looked like she literally just rolled out of bed.

But here’s my advice: dress in your Sunday best.

If you wouldn’t wear it to church or to a special family occasion, don’t wear it. If you’re grandma wouldn’t approve, don’t wear it. If you’re dad would make you go upstairs and change, don’t wear it.
Look like you care about the occasion! Graduating anything from the military is a big deal. It means something was accomplished. So, be respectful and show your support by dressing appropriately. You won’t be the center of attention and you shouldn’t try to be. Your sailor should be the center of attention.
However, you will be standing next to your sailor and they will be in front of classmates and other commanding officers so don’t look like a train wreck.
 I opted for this:
Photo from
A floral print romper with black wedges and the anchor necklace Taylor bought me for Christmas. It fell under the sunday best catergory, was comfy and respectful. Perfect!
Dress from A’Gaci

9 thoughts on “How to Dress for a Military Graduation

      1. How were you planning on traveling? I’ve taken a plane before by myself and it wasn’t so bad. You just gotta give yourself plenty of time to figure out the airports and things like that. 🙂 And when I went to see my boyfriend graduate I only had to stay by myself in a hotel for one night and then they let him spend the night with me for the rest of the weekend. My advice would be to book a hotel not a motel! Then no one random can just knock on your door and theres always a desk clerk, etc. 🙂


      2. He had to tell them who was coming to his graduation so I could get background checked and what not. I also had to bring my state ID. Nothing difficult though. And we drove there to begin with so no rental car needed!!


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