One Year Ago I Said Yes To The Military

March 10th- Me and Taylor became friends on Facebook

March 14th- Me and Taylor went on our first date to Friday’s

March 22nd- I sat with Taylor at Fox’s Pub and watched him say goodbye to everyone he loved…and me

March 23rd- Taylor left for bootcamp that morning but not before driving to my house and kissing me for the first time and giving me one of his shirts.

One year ago today, I said yes to all of this. Yes to the distance. Yes to letter writing and package sending. Yes to saving up my money for months just to see him for a couple days. Yes to being immersed in this lifestyle and yes to the possibility that this might eventually become my life too. Yes to going through this and maybe not having it all work out.

Taylor ran up to me and kissed me, gave me his shirt and then he had to rush back home to leave for bootcamp. I watched him walk back to his car. And as I watched him leave I decided that this was everything I wanted. I was going to go through all of this with him because I couldn’t see myself anywhere else.

I didn’t only say yes to Taylor. But I said yes to the Navy too. I agreed to their terms. That they would be taking Taylor away from me for months at a time. That they would push him to his limits and strain our relationship in ways I could not even imagine at the time. That they would try their best but they can’t promise his safety. That in some small way I would be serving my country too.

It’s been exactly one year since I said yes to all of this and I do not regret one single moment that I have been a Navy girlfriend. I have worn that title with pride for one year…and I will continue to do so for many more.

Happy one year of being in the Navy!

One year!


6 thoughts on “One Year Ago I Said Yes To The Military

  1. I can really relate to this. I met my boyfriend shortly before he was deployed so it made it very painful and kind of weird but I don’t see myself anywhere else.

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