What’s in My Care Package: Easter Edition


I JUST realized last weekend that Easter is right around the corner. So, sorry this post is late and probably won’t give anyone much help or advice but I am going to post it anyway!

I stuffed this care package with a lot of the same items that I usually do: some practical items and then some fun ones. So, as usual I’ll get the boring ones out of the way first.


Taylor sometimes complains that he is hungry at night but he is always so busy that he never has any time to go get snacks and the galley is closed. So, I will ALWAYS pack in some snacks just to hold him over for awhile. This package I sent some cheddar bunnies (an Easter inspired snack), his favorite popcorn and some gum. Nothing too exciting.

I also sent some of his favorite candy but not too much because I guess he’s trying to “watch his figure” again. A Reese’s easter bunny and and Reese’s Pieces eggs seemed perfect. With the eggs, I did something a little fun and put them in these blue camo eggs that I found at Walmart for $1.98 for a package of 10!


The best thing that I bought, however, had to be this thing:


For $1.98 at Walmart, I bought this Easter basketball game that I had to play before I sent it to him. I got addicted. I played this damn game for a good half hour trying to make baskets and I must say I got somewhat good.

You can watch me struggle for a minute in the video above!

Next, came decorating the package. I did not have much money to spend for this care package so I wanted something cheap but cute for the decorations. To cushion the items, I put different colored easter grasses that I found for 98 cents per bag at where else…Walmart. Then I bought some colored tissue paper and used that to decorate the sides. Bought some cheap Easter stickers and lettering and called it a day! Not too bad.


And here is the end result! All together everything cost about $40 dollars and was all bought at Walmart. Cheap, easy to do and fun to make. Happy Easter!


7 thoughts on “What’s in My Care Package: Easter Edition

  1. Good job on the care package! I haven’t been able to send my SO any since he’s been deployed yet because of bills but eventually we will be able to. I’m so excited to decorate the ones I send him. I think the first one is going to be one for our 1 year anniversary.

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    1. A one year anniversary one would be soooooo cute and a lot of fun! You should do it. And then post about it because I want to see! And I definitely get why you’d hold off. Care packages can get pricey really fast!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh I will definitely post it on the blog. Just got to decide on which of the hundred themes I want to actually do haha.


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