The “How Well Do You Actually Know Your Partner” Game


When I was little I used to watch “The Newlywed Game” all the time with my grandma. I loved seeing people’s quirks and thinking about if I could answer those same questions about the people I loved. After awhile, they stopped playing that show and I forgot about it.

Until now. I saw on Sugar and Sunshine’s blog (a very lovely blog by the way) a game that is exactly like “The Newlywed Game” minus the game show host and overly excited audience. You answer a question about your partner and if you get it right that’s a point! If not, you don’t gain or lose any points.

So, on one of our weekly Sunday Skype dates we decided to answer 20 questions about each other to see who knew the most. And here’s how that went…

What is their favorite alcoholic beverage?

Tay:Rum Chata


If their house caught on fire, what is the one thing they would save?

Tay: Something to do with your grandma?

(Sorta. I said pictures. He got a half point.)

Bre: Goose (his dog)

Besides yourself, who is the most important person in your partner’s life?

Tay: Your mom

(My mom or dad would have worked.)


When they say, ‘Honey, they’re playing our song’ what song are they playing?

Tay: “I Don’t Mind” by Defeater

Bre: “Swing Life Away” by Rise Against

(We literally have so many songs I couldn’t even pick.)

What would your partner say is your most irritating habit?

Tay: Playing Call Of Duty

(His obnoxious farting is his worst habit. His addiction to Xbox is second.)

Bre: Whenever we’re arguing and I say “Your eyes are very blue today.”

(Taylor said he couldn’t really come up with something that bothered him. But believe me, I have many annoying habits that I even annoy myself with.)

How many kids do they want?

Tay: 2

Bre: 3

What are they most afraid of?

Tay: Not being there for your family

(I said losing people I love. Half point!)

Bre: Being a disappointment

(He’s actually afraid of the dark I guess? Never knew!)

Did your spouse have pets growing up? Name them.

Tay: Just Kozmo

(Kozmo is my current dog but I also had another dog named Flash, a handful of hamsters which all had the name”Mouse” and a number of fish.)

Bre: Dogs: Hollywood, Maverick, Goose and Jester

(A hamster named Enzo, a whole bunch of dogs that he rattled off but I couldn’t write their names fast enough.)

What is their favorite candy?

Tay: Reese’s!

(This was a given. There isn’t really a candy I don’t like…besides Almond Joys. Those are nasty.)

Bre: Reese’s too.

What would they request as a last meal?

Tay: Pizza and a mudslide

Bre: Budweiser, his mom’s cookies and a Red Robin cheeseburger

Taylor thinks he’s funny.

If they were a character from the sitcom ‘Friends’, who would they be?

Tay: Phoebe

( I originally said Rachel because who doesn’t love her. Then Taylor listed off all the reasons why I am like Phoebe and I couldn’t even argue.”And judging by the cleanliness of your room you definitely aren’t Monica!” )

Bre: Joey!

What animal would they choose to be?

Tay: Kangaroo

(This caused a lot of bickering! I do love kangaroos but if I had to pick an animal to BE I said a deer. However, roos are one of my top favorite animals.)

Bre: Penguin

(He likes Kangaroos too.)

What is one thing on their bucket list?

Tay: Adopt a kid

Bre: Get married

What is their favorite food?

Tay: Tacos or pizza

Bre: Cheeseburger

(His is tacos or pizza too and I could’ve died because this was one of our first conversations and I totally knew that.)

Where would their dream honeymoon be?

Tay: New Zealand.

(Actually, Ireland…but New Zealand would be cool too.)

Bre: Australia

(New Zealand or Bora Bora.)

What was it about them that made you realize that they were “the one”?

Tay: That I said “I love you” first.

(Kinda. More generally, his good heart.)

Bre: My support

Tell in one word, how you met.

Tay: Austin.

Bre: Austin.

What would they say is your best quality?

Tay: Good Heart

Bre: My butt? Is that a quality?

Who first said I love you?

Tay: Well you’re going to say you did when actually I did.

Bre: And you’ll say you did but we all know that’s a lie!

(This is an ongoing war we have on who actually said it first…)

What was their most embarassing moment?

Tay: He had no idea

(My most embarrassing moment was when I was little and farted during my karate class and everyone laughed.)

Bre: The time you went to the bathroom at school and popped a blood vessel in your head

(Taylor doesn’t really get embarrassed by much. I got a half point for that one.)

So who won?

Final Score:

Tay: 13

Bre: 12.5

Alright, alright, so Taylor was the winner but only by half a point! Even so, this was a fun thing to do together. Obviously our personalities show through in the answers and we had fun laughing and playfully bickering about our favorite things. All in all, it was a good Sunday.

6 thoughts on “The “How Well Do You Actually Know Your Partner” Game

  1. wow, you really made up my day and made me laugh :). I think you are too sweet saying you have many annoying habits, most of us won’t say it. besides your embarrassing moment! Oh, this is so funny.The questions were so beautifully chosen. you really have a lovely relationship.
    I’m going to play it with my husband, it’s so much fun 🙂


    1. Oh, thank you! Your comment just made my day! Haha. I think everyone has annoying habits/embarrassing stories and it’s definitely better to laugh about them. You should play it with your husband and if you do I would love to read about it. 🙂 thank you again for your lovely comment.


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