How To Spend Valentine’s Day…Without Your Valentine

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I’ve seen a mixture of reactions towards Valentine’s Day. You have the crabby, single people who constantly moan and groan about being single. You have the “overly in love” couple that posts twenty different pictures on all possible social media of how in love they are. But what happens when you’re a military girlfriend?

This is my first Valentine’s Day as a Navy girlfriend and I found myself in a weird situation. On one hand, I do have a boyfriend that I am very much “overly in love” with so I can’t be bitter. But on the other hand, my boyfriend is 900 miles away so I’m kind of bitter anyway.

But I came to the realization that Valentine’s Day is more than just your relationship with your boyfriend. Of course, I sent Taylor a Valentine’s Day care package and of course I am probably going to write some sappy, ridiculous post on Facebook about him (don’t judge me) but I should be celebrating him. Because that is what Valentine’s Day is, isn’t it? Celebrating the fact that I have someone so incredible to love and that loves me even if he happens to be miles away.

Valentine’s Day is not just for your SO either. It’s celebrating all sorts of love. Instead of sitting at home complaining about the distance I chose to ask my parents if we can go to dinner. Ask your fellow long-distance relationship friends to go out. Take your kids to see a movie and have dinner with them.

Valentine’s Day is so much more than just celebrating the fact that you have a significant other and I think we forget that a lot of the time. It’s taking the time out to realize that there are people that love you and celebrating that. It’s putting your busy life on hold for a night to spend time with those people and show that you love them too.

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