What’s in my Care Package: Valentine’s Day Edition


Unfortunately, me and Taylor won’t be spending our first Valentine’s Day together which I am kind of bummed about. However, I feel lucky to be so in love with such a wonderful man and I am excited to celebrate that!

I decided to keep this care package fairly simple but sweet with a few cute things and then some practical things as well. I didn’t want to go all out because, really, what do you get a guy for Valentine’s Day? I already bought him a bear for Christmas and buying him another stuffed animal seems silly for a 22-year-old boy in the Navy. He doesn’t like flowers. Doesn’t eat too much chocolate. So, I kept it simple.

I’ll get the boring part out of the way and start with the practical stuff first. Because Taylor is in the military and doesn’t have much time or money to go out and buy stuff, I always include things I know he needs or likes to have. Taylor LOVES popcorn. Every time we Skype the kid is eating a bag of popcorn so I decided to include a box in my package, Star Wars themed of course.


While I was visiting two weeks ago, he also mentioned needing a specific kind of pencil that the Nex didn’t carry. So, I went out and bought an extra package or two of those and some erasers for him to use at school.

Next, the sappy stuff because who doesn’t love that on Valentine’s Day? I bought Taylor a small stuffed hedgehog with a small box of chocolates attached, a regular box of his favorite candy and, of course, the sappiest, cheesiest card I could find at Target. Me and Taylor actually have a bet on whose card is going to be cheesier and I’m pretty sure mine will take the cake.


While my card is pretty good, the best part of the package has to be the valentines I included. I bought two boxes of valentines, one Star Wars and one with puppy pictures, and I wrote down reasons why I love him on each. I then folded each one and sealed it with a sticker so he has to go through and open them individually.

My care package this time around wasn’t anything grand but it effectively gets the point across to him and shows I took some time out to do this. I figure one of these years we can spend Valentine’s Day together but this care package will suffice for now.

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