Product Review: Eagle, Globe and Anchor Clothing



Back of the shirt

While perusing through Instagram a couple months ago,  I saw a girl wearing this adorable maroon varsity crew with Marines written on the back in gold glitter lettering and I immediately fell in love. I NEEDED to have one and after doing a little research I discovered the company Eagle, Globe and Anchor Clothing.

Not only are the clothes on this website handmade but they are made by a veteran and his wife which just makes it that much better. Their products range from workout gear, to undies, to varsity crews, to hoodies and a lot more.

The varsity crew I wanted was $42. I picked the color of the shirt and the color I wanted for the anchor on the front and the “Navy” lettering on the back (they have glitter options too!). You can also choose to have your sailor’s name printed on the bottom for an extra $3. In my opinion, these aren’t bad prices for the quality of product that you receive.


The only negative thing I would say is that my order took about a month to  arrive but I understand that these items are handmade and customized and it was around the holiday season. When I thought this over, the time it took wasn’t unreasonable at all.

I would definitely recommend their clothing to anyone looking to show a little support for their family member or significant other!


You can check out their website here:

*I was not paid or asked to do this review. I bought the product of my own free will. I have no personal connections to anyone associated with the company being reviewed. I wrote this for the interest of my readers and gave my honest opinion on the product.


6 thoughts on “Product Review: Eagle, Globe and Anchor Clothing

  1. I love this! I’m always looking at etsy, and I’ve found some pretty cute clothing items, I think it’s time to finally commit and purchase something!

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  2. Love EGA! I have a sweatshirt and a tank from them! 🙂 also I showed my friend Jessie who is dating a soldier them and she’s bought from them too! They ship SO slow but they’re designs are cute 🙂 I love your jersey!

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