What NOT To Do When Your Ex Slides Into Those DM’s

I’m not exactly sure what makes someone “good at relationships” but I can tell you that I am none of those things. Twenty-two years old, been through several relationships of varying lengths, watched my parents have a good marriage and I still tend to make horrible decisions when it comes to relationships.

Now, we aren’t talking anything like cheating but sometimes I make the dumbest mistakes. Yesterday my ex-boyfriend contacted me on Facebook with a “question” and knowing him this question didn’t have good intentions behind it. Mind you, I haven’t talked to this kid in a  good two years and honestly I forgot he existed until this point. So what legitimate question could he need to ask me? It didn’t effect me that he sent me a message, however, what did effect me was the fact that he currently has a girlfriend.

As a girl who has been cheated on before, I thought that maybe it was my duty to let this girl know that her boyfriend isn’t what she thinks. Maybe I should wait and see what he says and then send it to her? Because God only knows that when he cheated on me I just wished that somebody would have told me about it instead of letting it continue.

I told Taylor about it and wanted his advice. It was supposed to be an act of trust. I trusted him with this information and valued his advice. It was supposed to show him that he could trust me to tell him when things like this happen.

As you can guess, it didn’t go over as well as I had hoped…

I went home and talked to my mom about it and she said something that really stuck out to me.

“Was this girl really worth the relationship I had with Taylor?”

I didn’t even take me a second to think about that. Hell no. She wasn’t. And it hit me how dumb this all actually was. I’m always trying to be a good person and do right towards others but in the act of trying to do this I forgot the person who I should be doing the most right by: Taylor. I blocked my ex and forgot about it.

What I won’t forget about is the lesson I learned. These kinds of things happen to everyone. But really think about your actions and how they are effecting those closest to you. Is it really worth it? Chances are it’s probably not.



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