What Go Fish Made Me Realize About Life


Photo from Peaceablekingdom.com

The other night me and Taylor played go fish over Skype.

-Do you have any aces?

-Nope. Go fish. Got any of them fives?

-Dammnit. Are you serious? I literally just asked for that two seconds ago. Such a cheater *gives up three fives while smiling*

This went on for an hour and a half as we laughed and made jokes towards each other. Playing go fish doesn’t seem like that big of a deal but for some reason I have been thinking about it ever since it happened a week ago and today I came to a conclusion as to why.

It’s always the simple things that mean the most in life. I can’t see Taylor everyday. I see him over Skype once a week. Texting is here and there. But that makes me appreciate the simple things so much more.

This doesn’t only apply to relationships but to life in general. Sure, he could buy me diamond rings. I could be rich and live in a giant house. Own fancy clothes. Those things might make me happy. But it’s always the simplest, dumbest things like playing and laughing over go fish that make me the happiest. Hot chocolate on a cold day. Going to a family’s house for the holidays. Not having to set your alarm for the next morning. The little things in life.

But of course, strive for the bigger things in life. A dream job. A nice house. A big family. Whatever the dream is. But never, ever forget the small beauties that life hands out on a daily basis.


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