Struck by the Sky

My boyfriend, Taylor, has been in the Navy since March of this year and is in South Carolina for school. During all of the recent hurricane and storm activity down there, he got a first hand experience with how powerful these storms can be.

“I’m walking to chow for dinner and I was going on the sidewalk and I bumped into one of my friends from bootcamp so we were there talking for a little while. We can see a storm coming in over the building. There was crazy lightening like shooting out of it and we’re like man that’s pretty crazy. So, we were watching that for awhile and we were talking. I was hungry and he was going back to his room so I kept walking to the galley and the storm was getting closer.

All of a sudden there’s just a really, really bright blinding light. I shut my eyes and cowered down and it was the loudest boom…I don’t know how to describe it. I don’t want to say explosion because it wasn’t an explosion but just a really loud bang. All of the sudden I felt the electricity surge through my whole body. Imagine when you rub your socks on the carpet and you touch a doorknob and that little static shock you get in your finger tip. Imagine that but amplify it and through out your entire body and all at once for a quick second or two. That’s what it felt like. And it was coming out of my finger tips and everything got all tingly. It was coming out of my toes. You could feel it like going through you. You could feel it exit out…I don’t know how to describe it. The electricity was flowing through me and then leaving out of my finger tips and my toes and especially leaving my mouth. I think it’s cause my mouth is wet so I don’t know. You always hear water is bad for electricity and it flows better so I just thought because I have saliva. My mouth and tongue were extra tingly.

I ducked down and kept my eyes closed for three seconds maybe. Then when I opened my eyes there were ten other people around me all having the same reaction looking around with that what the fuck, deer in the headlights expression. Then as we were looking at each other there was [more] lightening and thunder that was really loud and it scared us again.

So, then all of us ran down the sidewalk into the galley. We were in there and we were all kind of looking at each other and talking and laughing about it…eh, not so much laughing. As I was talking to more people through the night I found out that the lightening hit the flagpole which was maybe 40 feet away from me.

It’s really fucking scary. It rains and storms a lot so for a long time I’d walk really fast and I’d try to stay under the buildings or I’d walk to the side of the sidewalk that was farthest away from a light pole because I was scared. If I could I’d try to walk in between spurts of the storm.When it’s storming out and I’m outside, I’m sketched out walking by that flagpole because it just makes me remember it. I’ve kind of got passed it. Now, it’s just a good story.”


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