The Meaning of Poppies

I recently read a woman’s blog post about how wearing a red poppy is now a symbol of militarism and is used to recruit kids to be in the military.

I strongly disagree.It’s not only a symbol of respect for those who gave everything but for those that they left behind. It’s remembrance. It’s respect.

It’s also apparently okay for our children to look up to Justin Bieber and the Kardashians but God forbid they look up to real, hardworking men and women who have sacrificed everything. Why is it bad for a kid to aspire to be in the military? In my eyes, it’s admirable.


Not only do I strongly disagree but holy cow am I offended. Many of my family have served and my boyfriend is currently serving. I also work at a VFW as a bartender so I’m surrounded by vets all the time and have grown very fond of them. Needless to say I have obtained quite a few poppies over the years.

Mine are and always will be proudly displayed especially on this day. Happy Veteran’s Day.


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