The Kind of Christmas I Was Dreading

Taylors Xmas
My “Christmas with Taylor” fund

Christmas without Taylor. Those words devastate me. This Christmas and New Year’s was supposed to be our first holiday season together. I had a countdown going of the days until he came home. We had all sorts of plans with our family and friends and things we wanted to do together. But that abruptly came to a halt when he told me this morning that he can’t come home for Christmas. At all.

From all the reading and research I’ve done I knew that this happens. That not every one gets to come home every holiday. But I always pushed the idea to the back of my mind so I wouldn’t have to think about it. I was really unprepared for this.

I was torn apart for awhile but I decided to do something instead. If he can’t have Christmas here, well then damn it, I’m bringing Christmas to him. Saving every penny I have and selling old clothes to buy a plane ticket and hotel just so we can have some kind of makeshift Christmas together.

However, I’m not at a complete loss. He comes home in 19 days to spend one or two days for Thanksgiving. I work in retail so I’m sure I won’t have much time to spend with him but seeing his face for at least an hour will be worth everything. In that aspect, I’m blessed.


10 thoughts on “The Kind of Christmas I Was Dreading

  1. Don’t worry girl – you will find a way to be together for the holidays! I am sorry to hear your SO’s command changed the days he’s allowed to come home 😦 That is super frustrating, but I hope you and him are able to have a little makeshift Christmas, and I’m sure if you are able to see him you two will have the best Christmas just because you are able to be together! I have to work Black Friday too, and my SO is coming home for that weekend so I am super annoyed I have to miss out on time with him. I decided to take the first shift and work 8pm on Thanksgiving until 7am on Black Friday just so I can get it over with and spend the weekend with my SO. Don’t let the unknown of the future discourage you, though! Things will start looking up!

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    1. Aw, thank you! I was just really hoping we’d get Christmas together but I’m counting my blessings that I at least get to see him at Thanksgiving (I work Black Friday too. So annoying!) and he’s not deployed so I can go visit after Christmas. 🙂 Does your SO get to come for Christmas too or only Thanksgiving?

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      1. I totally feel you! It sucks that everything with the military has to be so last minute 😦 & it is soo annoying I hate Black Friday 😣
        Fortunately my SO is coming home for both, & for Christmas his family is going to Disney World and they’re paying for me to go too!! It kind of sucks because it will be my first Christmas without my family but I’m excited to get to run around Disney with him!!


      2. What!? It sounds like you are going to have an amazing Christmas! I’ve never been to Disney before but it’s definitely on my bucket list. I’d feel bad about not spending it with my family too but how often to you get to go to Disney like that! Christmas doesn’t always have to be on the actual day though. You can always spend a day with them after or before as “Christmas.” 🙂 Lucky you!

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      3. Yeah I am super excited I haven’t been to Disney in a long time and I am stoked because I’ve been telling my bf I wanted us to go on a vacation to Disney together! So it all kind of worked out 🙂 & you’re right my bf said we will have a “Christmas” with my family after we get back! Thanks so much girlie this will definitely be a Christmas to remember! Is your SO stationed far away from where you live or is he deployed?


      4. Yeah, you’ll have to blog and post pictures! I’d love to see. He is going through school in South Carolina while I’m in Illinois. Not too bad. We can still talk and I can visit but kind of far. How about yours?

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      5. I’ll definitely be making a post about it! I want to get my picture with Ariel and Snow White!! Haha and I’m in NJ and he’s in NC right now! We’re about 10 hours apart :/


      6. Yes! Mickey and Minnie is a must too! I feel you on the distance. I’m 14 hours away from mine. Rough stuff. I drove it over summer to go see him because I didn’t really think 14 hours would be that bad. I was definitely wrong. Haha.

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      7. Oh yes definitely them too! 🙂 & Omg!! Wow that is crazy – you are a good girlfriend! 14 sounds like a crazy distance to drive by yourself :(! Good for you though I wouldn’t have been able to make that journey by car!! Haha 🙂


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