How You Know You’re A Military Girlfriend

You start using military time instead of civilian time

I don’t think the phrase “o’clock” has left Taylor’s mouth since he went to bootcamp. For the longest time, I couldn’t get the hang of it and then one day it started to click and I began using it too.


You wear his clothes and military apparel

Every morning I wake up to go to school and I dig around my closet to try and find something cute to wear but somehow I always end up in Taylor’s clothes or in a Navy sweatshirt.

And the mailman is your new BFF

When Taylor left for bootcamp, I stalked the mailman. I always knew about what time he would get to my block and when to have my letters ready. I knew how long it took before my letters actually got to Taylor. And every Thursday (the day his letters would come) I’d rush home from school and the first thing I’d ask my parents for is the mail.

Rolling your eyes when couples complain about not seeing each other for a short period of time

I always see this on social media. Some girl’s boyfriend is going on vacation a couple states over for a week and she doesn’t know how she will ever survive… *rolls eyes*

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Military homecoming videos make you cry

When I used to watch military homecoming videos they would touch me and make me feel a mix of emotions but I never cried. Now, I can watch a video of a soldier coming home to their rabbit and I can’t even help but cry.

For Navy girlfriends, anchors.

I never got the obsession with anchors. Then I became a Navy girlfriend and all of a sudden everything needs to have an anchor. I have anchor rings, nail files,thank you notes, anchors to hang on my wall, anchor phones cases, an anchor wallpaper to match  my anchor phone case.


Having a small shrine dedicated to your SO

Mine’s above my desk. His military photo, pictures of us, dog tags, a note he wrote me when he asked me out, his address, a picture of the both of us and obviously an anchor are what’s in mine.

Wanting to throw up when you see cute couples

Chicago is infested with them. They are in Millennium Park, in the grocery store, at Starbucks, on the bus. I can never seem to get away and every time I see them feeding each other or kissing or whispering sweet nothings I want to vomit.

You’re really good friends with strangers online

Some of the most inspiring and beautiful people I have ever met were through military SO groups online. Not many of my own friends really understand what it’s like to be in this kind of relationship but it’s nice to know that there are people in the world who do. They have become one of my biggest support systems.

5 thoughts on “How You Know You’re A Military Girlfriend

  1. Reading this I said “shuuut the frooont door” but in the other words because I have all of the above! I miss my soldier so much but we’re 2 months down 6 to go and I know what you mean, I go to Starbuck’s to study and there a plenty of couples there like come… on. You got me at the mini shrine part I have all of his letters in front of his picture under his favorite besides me… the TV.


  2. Hey girl! Where did you find support groups for military significant others? I’m a navy girlfriend and finding your blog has been great, and I think finding more people with similar experiences would be terrific. Thank you for your help 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey!!! Thanks for commenting. 🙂 Personally, I get most of my help and advice from Military support groups on Facebook! The best one that I have found is called U.S. Navy Girlfriends/Fiances/Wives!


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