You’re In A Military Relationship For The Money, Right?

I’ve often read about the dumb questions and statements people say to MILSOS such as didn’t you chose this lifestyle? Isn’t it hard to love someone thousands of miles away? Is it even worth it? While those irritate me, I never really thought that someone would say something to me that would make me flat out angry.

Picture this. It’s the night Taylor came home and surprised me for my birthday so I’m still starstruck and dazed. Me and Taylor are sitting at a bar with the hawks game roaring the background, laughing with friends and drinking when a stranger sitting next to Taylor learns that he’s in the Navy. So, they go through all of the “thank you for your service, what do you do in the Navy” talk which is fine.

But at the end of the conversation the man asks Taylor if he gets an extra bonus for re-enlistment and Taylor kindly replies that yes he does while making no mention of exactly how much. The man then turns to me, smiles and says, “Oh, so that’s why you’re sticking around, huh?”

Of all the stupid questions and comments I hear others getting and even the ones I have received, never has someone said anything to me that made me choke on my drink.

Now, I think he was kidding because he was smiling but I still took it personally. I simply looked at him with a sarcastic smile and a look in my eyes that I’m sure could have curdled milk and said, “No, I’m not that kind of girl, thank you.” I then took a long sip of my drink.

But here’s what I actually wanted to say:

If I wanted to be in a relationship for financial security I would date a lawyer. An investor. A scientist maybe. But I am secure in my own abilities to make a living. I have never and will never be in a relationship for money so thank you for assuming that because I am a woman I am in it for financial gain. Never did you ask what I do Β for a living or what I go to school for.

Why can’t love just be enough? I think the fact that I stick around because I care enough about another human being to support them this much says enough about what kind of person I am, sir. Thank you and have a nice day.

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