So I Hear You Wanted Me Here For Your Birthday…

A few weeks ago my boyfriend asked what I wanted for my birthday. My response was absolutely nothing. The only thing I really wanted was for him to come home but obviously since that wasn’t happening I said I’d settle for a Skype date. After that not much more was said about the matter.

About a week ago, he told me that my present would arrive on Friday and I’d be able to pick it up at his house. So, Friday afternoon me and his mom set up a time for me to go pick it up and the whole drive there I racked my brain as to what this present could be.

I pulled up and slid into my usual parking spot in front of his house and was instantly greeted by his brother and his mom who was holding a blue scarf with anchors on it.

I was blind folded with the scarf and turned around to face the street while his brother went inside to bring out my present. I stood there for what felt like forever nervously playing with the rings on my fingers until I heard “so I hear you wanted me here for your birthday.”

It didn’t really register for a few seconds that the voice I just heard belonged to Taylor, my boyfriend. When I finally realized what was happening, I ripped the scarf off of my face and whipped around to see him standing there with some flowers and I can not even begin to describe every emotion that flooded through my body at that moment.

And that was the start to what was by far the best birthday I think I have ever had and it all started with the sweetest voice saying “so I hear you wanted me here for your birthday.”


2 thoughts on “So I Hear You Wanted Me Here For Your Birthday…

  1. What a beautiful surprise, and a heart-warming story. This is the first time I’ve seen your blog, but I think it’s a great idea. I haven’t read enough to know where your boyfriend is stationed, but he must feel the same way you do to have traveled home to surprise you.

    I wish you the best with a difficult lifestyle and long-distance romance. I hope you’ll keep writing!

    My best to you,
    Sonny Bohanan

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