Open When…

Ever since my sailor left for bootcamp, I have fallen in love with open when… letters. They are so personal and can have a really big impact on your significant other’s day. These letters and their envelopes can be as creative or as simple as you’d like and are great to send during bootcamp and deployments.

If you don’t know, open when…letters are letters that are written for a specific occasion and have “Open when (occasion for the letter)” written on the envelope. So, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite open when… letter topics  to get started!

Open when…

  • You graduate  ___ school, bootcamp, etc.
  • We move in together
  • You’re having a bad/good day
  • You need motivation
  • It’s the night before our wedding
  • You’re having doubts
  • It’s our ___ anniversary
  • You’re sick/stressed out
  • You need to know how much you’re loved
  • You feel like giving up
  • We’re having a fight
  • You need to make a big desicion
  • It’s your/my birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.
  • You’re on the boat/plane
  • You need a good laugh
  • You’ve forgotten what I smell like (spray letter with perfume)
  • You’re coming home
  • It’s our first night apart
  • You need motivation
  • You want to know more about me
  • You’re not so sure about us
  • You need a walk down memory lane
  • I’m being stubborn (this one is a must-send for me!)
  • You feel like you’ve failed
  • It’s a nice/bad day outside

This is only a short list I gathered of my personal favorites, however, there are so many more topics on Pintrest and on Google to choose from.

Happy Writing!

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