What’s in my Halloween Care Package 2015

Instead of doing the usual “What’s in my Purse” or “What’s in my Makeup Bag” I’ve decided to start “What’s in my (whatever the holiday or occasion may be) Care Package”. Since Halloween is one of my favorite holidays I decided to start with that as my first care package post.

I always include a card in my care packages. It’s just something personal to make him laugh. I usually like to switch it up between funny cards, romantic ones and sweet ones depending on the occasion. For this care package, I chose a card with a bear on it that says, “A special Halloween wish…for a cute little pumpkin (that’s you!)” So, nothing too serious or heavy but corny enough to make him smile.

And what’s Halloween without candy? Instead of just sending my sailor a whole bag and calling it a day, I decided to make this little mason jar full of treats. I bought a package of Archer Farms Candy Corn Trail Mix (Target, $3.59) and G.H. Cretor’s Just the Caramel Corn (Target, $3.99) and mixed those into the mason jar. I  wrapped a pumpkin ribbon around the top but if you have some extra time and some paint to spare, decorating the jars would be a cute idea too.


Another thing I included was a cauldron mug cake  which is just a glass mug with vanilla cake mix inside. All he needs to do is mix in water and heat it up in the microwave for instant cake in a mug.

Target, $5.99
Target, $5.99

To go along with my witch-themed cauldron mug cake, I added green apple flavored cotton candy in a cardboard witches hat (formally named Cotton Candy Cobwebs).

Target, $1.99
Target, $1.99

Those were the main features to my Halloween box, however, I also added in some little extras that I also found at Target. My sailor adores Star Wars so I found fruit punch flavored gummies on a stick. And who couldn’t use some Halloween Oreos and some extra packs of gum?


I always see a lot of women ask what they can put in their Halloween care package if their boyfriend specifically asked for no candy. So, I made a list of non-candy items that you could add into your box.

  • Halloween movies
  • Any small card game
  • Pumpkin protein bars (Quest just released theirs and they are yummy!)
  • Photos of home, family, friends
  • If deployed and depending on the situation, socks, razors and other daily items may be appreciated

3 thoughts on “What’s in my Halloween Care Package 2015

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